What Are The Places From Where I Can Buy Bitcoin? 

Can I buy bitcoins from the banks? 

No, the bank doesn’t support buying or depositing bitcoins. For that, the individual needs to use some platform for trading bitcoins. There are several platforms and places to buy bitcoin; you can choose whatever suits you best and satisfies the needs.

Is there any minimum age for buying bitcoins? 

No, there is no minimum age for trading bitcoins. In fact, anyone can join these new block-chain networks. However, it depends from country to country. The individual must first check the government’s policies and guidelines before they start trading the bitcoins. Reading and understanding the guidelines and policies will help you prevent complications in the future.

How much does one bitcoin cost? 

The cost of bitcoins changes frequently sometimes. It touches the sky. Sometimes it’s just a little above the ground level. Though the average cost of one bitcoin ranges from $5000 to $8000, most people tend to buy bitcoins at a lower price and then sell them as the price goes up. This helps them maintain a good amount of profit.

Can bitcoins be used at Walmart? 

The answer is no, you can not directly use bitcoins at Walmart, but indirectly, you can use them by buying the amazon gift cards using bitcoins and then spending them at Walmart.

Bitcoins can be used to pay for goods, but they can not be used directly. First, we need to convert them into real money, not digitized money. We can convert bitcoins by making bank transactions or online payments. Most of the online merchants accept payments made using bitcoins.

Are the number of bitcoins finite? 

Yes, the number of bitcoins is finite. There are around 21 million bitcoins available in the market. All of these bitcoins are interchanged by the users in the process of trading.

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