Advantages of Working with a Part-Time Financial Director

Most people know that it is hard to run your own business and if you don’t delegate tasks, you make things even more challenging. As an owner or manager, you are constantly thinking about the business and how you can improve certain aspects of it. There are many ways to develop your business, one way is to work with an experienced financial director. You don’t have to hire them as an employee, you can take advantage of them as an outside source.

Create More Time

If you find yourself with no time because you are busy with the financial aspects of the business, why not hire a part-time director who can take some weight off your shoulders. Experienced advisors like Mark Lumsdon-Taylor specialise in a wide range of subjects, helping business in all kinds of areas, including:

  • Cyber Security
  • Auditing
  • Compliance
  • Tax

When you hire a skilled financial director, it gives you time to concentrate on other core aspects of your business. The financial director can take care of the finances while you focus elsewhere.

Improving Profits & Performance

A skilled FD understands various aspects of a business, they worked with companies in a diverse range of industries, so they know a great deal about assessing companies and making them perform better. When you focus on your accounts, an FD can help to improve your business. They’ll be able to spot all kinds of things that only a skilled professional could. The FD will identify anomalies and create strategies to make operations more effective.

At Finance HQ, they understand that asset finance can be a great way to manage risk. By choosing to finance assets with a high resale value or steady income stream, you can reduce the risk of investing in assets that may depreciate rapidly or become obsolete.

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